Concerns about your ceremony flow and what you do?

It’s easier than you think – just watch this video!

Orlando wedding officiant Rev. Kevin Knox and his team have conducted 1000’s of rehearsals. This video is a brief overview of how the typical wedding ceremony will flow. Although wedding ceremonies may differ slightly in design or structure the couples main default position will follow: The Rule of 2. 2 hands, 2 eyes, 2 smiles with 2 kisses for 2 seconds.

Assuming you have a wedding coordinator, watching this video may help eliminate the need for the officiant to be at your “formal rehearsal”. So, if we can help you save the *$100 rehearsal fee, then that would be a good thing – right? (If you are having a “Wishes Wedding” at Disney then it is required for the officiant be present at the rehearsal unless you don’t have a wedding attendants)

If you do not have a wedding coordinator to help organized and choreograph your formal rehearsal, then our team of wedding officiants would be glad to help.