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What They're All Saying.

  • We were both not looking forward to doing this course because it made us think of homework at first haha, but when we dove in it was actually really fun and insightful. Tanya's favorite part was the love language quiz. She even did it on our children as there is a section specifically for them. David liked the part of imagining we became rich over night from an uncle and the bit on discussing vacations. This course is a good way to get to know your beloved all over again. While we only did the required 4 hours I imagine we may come back and visit some of the topics just for fun.

    Tanya Solt and David Faginmarriage preparation course
  • The course was very in depth and I believe it has and will continue to have a positive impact on our relationship. I really appreciated how there were so many options to choose from.

    Diamond Bell, Paul DeShieldFlorida premarital course
  • Thank you so much we loved the video very informative y'all are the best!

    Antoine Gardner, Jade Gardneronline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Loved this course and how it was faith and fact based. My fiance is about a year and a half into accepting God into his life and he loved that aspect as well :)

    Martha Bradley and Matthew CarlFlorida premarital course
  • Lee and I are ecstatic to be able to pledge our lives and our love to each other for the rest of our lives. We have both endured challenging military careers (almost 30 years combined), and hiccups along the way with relationships. But once we met each other, we KNEW that we had been pre-destined to meet. EVERYTHING that we have suffered through has prepared us for THIS EXACT MOMENT. We are stronger in each other's presence....almost like we found the missing pieces of our life puzzles. With our ages (he is 53 and I am 47) we are not young and impulsive any longer. We are confident that God placed us where HE wanted us to be, battle tested and faith still strong, We are READY. And this course was simply the icing on the cake and further confirmation.

    S. Lee Taylor and Sherri T. Vealmarriage preparation course
  • A Beautiful Ceremony was great! Opened our eyes and made is aware of different views.

    Leonard Oglesby and Kristin Walkermarriage preparation course
  • The online premarital course was convenient and easy to navigate. The material covered a wide range of topics that opened up a dialogue about things we hadn't even considered yet.

    Andrew Hurley & Haley Zimmeronline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Thank you! a modern way to do this kind of course, convenient and easy. A lot of clues to start our new adventure.

    Lina & Manuelonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • This online course was super easy to use and had many helpful tips! We definitely recommend it to any couples who are looking to learn how a marriage should be.

    Seon & Paolaonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Chase and I got to do questionnaires together after work and we get to keep these and reminisce later on in our marriage. I’m grateful we could do online counseling since we both work 24/7 and are on call a lot. It was nice to get to do it on our time!

    Chase & Heidionline Florida marriage preparation course
  • It was a fun and easy process

    Anthony Munoz Destiny Montalvoonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Communication is the key

    Damion and KemeishaFlorida premarital course
  • Very educative and great tips!

    Valery Estime and Ashley Costa Lantinonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • All the information was extremely helpful and 5 ways that we communicate and express love to one another. They are: 1. Physical touch 2. Words of affirmation 3. Quality time 4. Acts of Service 5. Receiving gifts. This information is so true the 5 common problem with relationships is not having 5 ways to communicate.

    Kay & JayFlorida premarital course
  • We learned from this course that we have a great deal of love and admiration for each other. We learned that we need to continue to communicate and respect each other if we want to make this a successful marriage, for many more years to come.

    scott’smarriage preparation course
  • It was a great course, very easy and simple to use.

    Elijah and Ameliaonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • I really appreciated the ease of the course becasue of the videos and questions on PDF that were attached becasue it was self paced and explained in a gentle, unbiased manner. The questions inspired thought to grasp important conversations and topics in romantic relationships concerning marriage.

    Juan and Joanna Sarabiamarriage preparation course
  • Amazing and easy. Learned a ton !

    D and Aonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • We had so much fun on this pre-marital course. We asked really tough questions to one another and found out a lot of suprising things about each other! We learned we're never going to be done growing our love for each other and working on our relationship. I'm so happy we picked A Beautiful Ceremony because this pre-marriage counseling is priceless. I can't wait to see what the future holds and how our new family is going to benefit from the course.

    Nicole Busby and Thomas CaldwellFlorida premarital course
  • The content for the premarital course was vast and well put together. Gave us a great opportunity to sit down together and discuss our future.

    Paul Longenecker, Haley KeckFlorida premarital course
  • This course was very helpful. My fiancé and I learned quite a bit about each other after we discovered our love languages and personality types. We will utilize what we learned in this class and apply it to our marriage.

    Katelyn Cook and Charles Mark Turk Heteymarriage preparation course
  • This course allowed my fiancé and I to take a deeper look into what a beautiful ceremony will look like. It takes understanding, continued commitment, and your expectations for your union to flourish. Thank you Rev Knox!

    Antanyia Edwards, Anthony Hendersonmarriage preparation course
  • Great information loved the class.

    Leona Schaefer Brian CalverFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • lots of great information that we will never forget

    Leona Schaefer and Brian CalverFlorida premarital course
  • Quick and easy

    Leah & Timonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • We learned so much more about each other during the premarital process. The questions we asked each other helped us understand one another due to the fact that instead of just answering the question.. we made them into discussions. We feel that are communication skills got stronger and we are more patient with one another.

    Denisha and RandyFlorida premarital course
  • This course helped us explore our relationship more deeply as we take the dive into our marriage and the rest of our lives together. It was truly the best preparation we could have taken!

    Sean and Dannymarriage preparation course
  • WE really enjoyed this we did it every night before bed, it was our schedule mini date night..we did a lot of laughing and crying but i definitely feel like we have a closer bond.

    Jose & Sabrinaonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Great and fast

    Jose Ferreira ismael regueramarriage preparation course
  • We are not really looking to do a pre martial course, but as we were looking at the requirements for the marriage license realized how much easier it is when you have a premarital certificate. I believe the best part of this process was actually taking time out of our daily routine to work on our relationship and get to know each other in a more profound way. One of the activities that we enjoyed most was choosing among different questions to ask each other, each varying in depths of communication. So thankful for the experience and will defiantly recommend this program.

    Nicole Selman and Daniel VelasquezFlorida premarital course
  • We really enjoyed the premarital course that was offered to us. Some of the content was very thought provoking and really got us talking and communicating about important issues

    Katie & KyleFlorida premarital course
  • We learned our different communication styles, which taught us how to communicate more effectively.

    JAIME & TRACY PEDROZAFlorida premarital course
  • Great content! Easy to use.

    BohlerFlorida online premarital course
  • After reviewing all of the material, it was clear to us that even tho we felt we had a healthy relationship, we still had a lot to learn about each other. Very informative. We are very thankful and fortunate we were able to take the course.

    ClaxtonsFlorida premarital course
  • This course was awesome. It really helps you open a dialogue about all of the important issues that may arise in marriage.

    Alicia Tyson and Brandon Mirthmarriage preparation course
  • This course help me to be better person in much ways that I can imagine, clear my thotd on marrrige life

    Arlenne and Rafaelmarriage preparation course
  • The premarital counseling was a nice way to start our new stage, we reviewed important details that will allow us to have a happy life as a couple-

    Isabelle Huezo and Angel EscobarFlorida premarital course
  • Great way to explore our minds and goals together as a couple and building a stronger foundation for growth and development.

    Matt and Ashleymarriage preparation course
  • We were very happy to discover a course that we both thoroughly enjoyed. I'm sure we will be refer to the material often.

    Chuck and MalouAn informative and very useful course
  • We have been so blessed to take this course. We were a little skeptical at first but once we starting to watch the videos we learned so much about each outlet. Also all of our strengths and weaknesses.

    Zachary and emilymarriage preparation course
  • The requisite program has merit inasmuch as it offers a wonderful opportunity for the couple to pause and view their relationship unemcumbered by external influences and to have an open, one-on-one dialogue with one another about where they are today and with a look toward their journey together from this day forward.

    John & Danielamarriage preparation course
  • Very excellent

    Andrea Cunalatamarriage preparation course
  • Hearing about the forbearance program for the cc really got us by surprise. we knew you could freeze it but did not know it had an actual name for it. We also love the idea about having a date night

    David Bell and Denise BoykinFlorida premarital course
  • It was great to sit down and really talk about what we wanted for our future and be comfortable to ask the questions that you normally don’t think about.

    Matt and Ashleymarriage preparation course
  • It is really good to know about marriage. Thanks

    Jack Huang, XiaoYu Tangmarriage preparation course
  • Awesome marriage preparation for free

    Eduardo MariaFree Florida premarital course
  • Learned a lot of valuable information that will help our marriage out in the long run. Thanks for the marriage preparation

    Latimer Calina and Sophie Descampsonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • This premarital course is extremely helpful and gives great advice on how to work together for our future.

    Michelle Garcia & Anthony FigueredoFlorida premarital course
  • Easy and thoughtful. So many exercises and good conversation starters, and we get to keep the material forever.

    Dave and Ronnda#LivingOurBestLife #ToGodBeTheGlory
  • This premarital course is affordable and convenient. The short test helped us learn more about each other and better ways to communicate and to connect with each other for many years to come. We would recommend this to anyone who doesn't have the time to make it to a office during business hours or really just wants some quality one on one with their partner. We will be forever grateful for this time spent bonding during this course.

    Salvatore & AlexisFlorida premarital course
  • This course flew by! We spent 4.5 hours in premarital course and it went by very quickly. The course sparks deep conversations with your partner and really make you feel united.

    Katherine Martz and Scott StackFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Lifetime access is an awesome feature!! The material is relevant and helpful in opening up honest conversations.

    Freddy & JamiFlorida online premarital course
  • We learned so much about each other through this course. It was a great tool for the foundation of our marraige.

    Dustin and KristalFlorida premarital course
  • This course was a delight and inspiring. It really put things into a different perspective on how to conquer trials and tribulations that have and will arise in our marriage. We actually wrote down some quotes and put them up on the fridge, so that when things get tough we can always see them there and reflect back on the things that stood out to us the most.

    Vaness and TomFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Easy fun class for you and the spouse. Good activities presented within the class.

    Rushaun & Kera ByrdFree Florida premarital course
  • A Beautiful Ceremony was an easy, quick, efficient premarital course for us to use. With out hectic schedules we appreciate the ease of use!

    Rose OteroFlorida premarital course
  • We really and truly enjoyed the course together. We learned a lot about ourselves and our relationship. Our communication will definitely get much better after this and we actually started feeling a deeper sense of intimacy between us during the activities. We will definitely recommend this course to every couple planning on getting married and even to those that's already married and are struggling with some communication problem or who is wanting more intimacy with their partner.

    Eulanda Thomas and Cleveland Morganonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Really enjoyed the conversations that were sparked. It would have been useful to get an estimate of how long the course takes instead of just saying we have a minimum of 4 hours. We talked about everything and it ended up taking closer to 10 hours.

    Jennifer Christianson and Zachary HayesFlorida premarital course
  • I learned so much through this course about myself and my partner, but most importantly about us as a couple. I really enjoyed spending this time with my fiancé discussing topics we have never opened up without this course.

    Andrew & rebeccaFlorida premarital course
  • Im greatful for this class and the opportunity to learn a bit more about stcey and affirm our common goals and interests

    Stacey and BillyFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Easy steps and great learning experience

    Anisleidy Castano and Roy tootleonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Sitting together and spending time going over the course helped our relationship in so many way. Better communication.

    Darian and Kassandramarriage preparation course
  • We really enjoyed the course. The information was very insightful and help us realize how important communication and commitment are in a marriage.

    Dioranna Feliz and Jose VersaguisFlorida premarital course
  • Easy to use. Thank you for the package

    DeAnne and OrlandoFlorida online premarital course
  • This is a great service.

    Thurman and TokkaraFree Florida premarital course
  • This help you and your partner to understand and love each other ...

    CorderosFlorida premarital course
  • Kevin and staff have been amazing, the course is very informative. Even though we have been together for several years now we learned alot about how to work together better from taking the course.

    Brandon and Stacey BarkerFree Florida premarital course
  • During this course, Josh and I were able to understand each other better; from understanding each other's love language to knowing God should be in the center of our relationship. We also learned that marriage is about working together by creating a plan and communicating. We definitely recommend this premarital course, even to those that feel like they are perfect for each other.

    Grace and Joshonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • This really help us understand each other better and it help us communicate better. We got a lot of joy out of taking this course I am so glad we did.

    Patricia White & Shuan RichFree Florida premarital course
  • The Premarital Course was easy to follow and understand. The process provided great insight regarding how to best work towards a long lasting and successful marriage. We enjoyed the course and all of the dialog that it generated.

    Jeff Schmitt & Lori KnightonFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Fast, speedy, and transparent process! Will definitely recommend.

    Vargas’Florida premarital course
  • I loved this course because it really opened up on things that we didn’t know and it gave us a chance to talk about things that we never really thought about and understand where we are coming from when somethings happen

    Layla and MiguelFlorida online premarital course
  • Fun course. We both learned something new about each other. Easy to use and interesting content. Highly recommended for those couples who would like to take the premarital course.

    Auston & PamellaFree Florida premarital course
  • I have taken this experience as a positive input to my life. I have increase my understanding of my future spouse and future endeavors that we may face in our marriage. Thank you for this class and the experience

    Daniel Alerte and Natasha Eliemarriage preparation course
  • We loved this course. There is so much good material and we really felt like it helped us connect on a deeper level and talk about things we hadn't even thought about before.

    Kendall and DanielFlorida online premarital course
  • Very good website

    Layla and Miguel Torres
  • This is a great course. Asks very good questions and makes very good points

    Ryan & Alma HarrisonFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • We knew we wanted to pursue a relationship enhancing effort and this online course helped us to realize this goal in spite of our busy schedules. After comparing a few similar offerings yours looked to mirror our values and we like the idea of lifetime access as their is so much information your course provides.

    Tim and LoriFlorida premarital course
  • course was informative

    Angel Livecchi and Jereme Nelsonmarriage preparation course
  • I loved the videos and extra material offer on extended family

    JANSY OLIVER/ALEJANDRO LAGEonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • By doing the premarital counseling, it allowed us to “rekindle” some of the things we had slacked on. It was amazing to actually get back to basics.

    Jeffrey & KikiFlorida online premarital course
  • We have learn to communicate better and to see each other’s view more clearly. An not expect un-realistic expectations from each other. It’s really helped us a lot.

    Asia Lampkin and Cody BradleyFlorida online premarital course
  • Very great course we learned so much!

    Elizabeth RiveraFree Florida premarital course
  • Amazingly easy

    Rebecca Keen, Jason Bittnermarriage preparation course
  • The course was very enlightening.

    The VincentsLooking forward to the big day!
  • great advice and tips for a successful marriage. Got to see things in other points of views

    Neify Gomez & Edward Cancelmarriage preparation course
  • I was a bit skeptical at first however this entire course has been absolutely enlightening and very beneficial. There are some things that were going on that were the signs to leading to divorce listed in this course and he and I have been able to work together to make sure that these things stopped and their path. He and I are much happier and we communicate much better than before. Should have taken this class sooner since he and I have been together for almost 10 years.

    Ryan and NicoleEnlightening
  • Very helpfully and helped us understand each other a better.

    Michelle & BryamFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • This course if amazing and easy. You learn a lot.

    Michelle & BryamFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Great way to dive deeper in communication - the exercises, videos, & mini-personality screenings - just awesome!

    Michael & Susan Giddingsonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • God sent her my way every since than I knew she was the one

    Andre Matthews Skyler RobinsonFlorida premarital course
  • I did not think this would be helpful to us in our marriage. However, I was wrong. This course shows you truly how you need to communicate with your partner in order to show the love and respect you want to convey to them.

    Isabelle Huezo and Angel EscobarFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • The process was super simple and easy! We totally recommend A Beautiful Ceremony!

    Jocelyn and BrandonFree Florida premarital course
  • Very informative and good exercises as well as educational.

    Eric and Terrell SheltonFlorida premarital course
  • Fast and easy. I had a question about the process called the number on the website, they answered right away and were helpful and courteous. Also, completing the course allows you to receive a $25 discount when obtaining your marriage certificate.

    Jose Ardura and Roxalyn MendezFree Florida premarital course
  • This was a neat class to take. It made us realize all the little things that need to be nurtured.

    Amie Jensvold & Delantra RoseFlorida online premarital course
  • The course was fun and a very great tool to help us learn even more about each other.

    Colby and Phillip WhiteFlorida premarital course
  • We had a lot of fun completing the course and learned some things about each other that we didn't know, even after being together for 19 years.

    Sara Stone and Roger LoncaricFlorida premarital course
  • This course was very helpful and beneficial. This brought me and my fiance closer by talking a lot of important things. I can't believe how meaningful and deep our conversations got.

    Akira Lee and Addison WaiteFree Florida premarital course
  • This course was fun and easy and helped us learn that the bigger picture in this whole process is building a strong life with each other.

    Chitra & KevinFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Super easy and helpful. Learned a lot and had fun along the way

    Codyonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • We liked the course. It taught us how to communicate better as a couple to insure this relationship lasts

    Christopher Pate Berenisse Balmaceda PinedaFree Florida premarital course
  • great training :) great price :) So glad we found this course.

    Tonna and Michaelget ready to marry for life
  • This was an enlightening course. I realized that my tone means different things and also how to read his body language. It helps to understand one another on a different level.

    Kami Reimann Rodney CribbsAWESOME COURSE !!!
  • Great service. Thank you so much.

    Melissa Conn and Bradford Topf
  • This has been a great thing, very easy and cheap.

    Karlee and clayFlorida premarital course
  • It was amazing-thank you

    John Jackson and Tamekia BellFree Florida premarital course
  • There’s no way we were able to succeed without this course.

    Charles and LashayFlorida premarital course
  • I truly think this will help us grow and bond closer then ever. Thank you for giving us the tools to have a strong marriage.

    Daniel and AmandaFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • It was extremely helpful

    Marta and Moises Camachoonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Best on line course ever! So lucky to have this service.

    Mildred & Efraenonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Very informative and helpful course.

    Jarrod & JessicaFree Florida premarital course
  • This was a great course not only to get the 3-day period eliminated but also makes you see all the different challenges a marriage can encounter and allowing you to talk about certain situations before they exist.

    Bridget Ortega, Jesse JaramilloFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • This course was very helpful for our relationship. I am so glad I found this online. We both liked the course topics and activities but most of all that the course was faith focused.

    Melanie and Jason ShottsFlorida online premarital course
  • This course really opened our eyes to things in a different perspective. Not that we don't know each other already, but this program really helped us relate and understand each other in easy and hard times. We can now understand that it isn't us against each other but us against the problem! Those 4 hours weren't enough and we are defiantly still reading this course!

    Antonio Darden & Jasmine MooreFlorida premarital course
  • Easy to complete, great info to lead to a successful relationship!

    Brittany and KevinFree Florida premarital course
  • Awesome site, we learned things about our relationship that we wouldn’t have realized without the course. Would definitely recommend!

    Jorge and RosemaryFree Florida premarital course
  • This was such a fun and great marriage course. It took us a little longer because we have kids.

    Rebecca and EdwinFlorida online premarital course
  • Easy to use and very interactive. Would recommend!

    Jay & DevinFlorida online premarital course
  • We both feel that this course was easy to navigate and that we learned a lot about each other through this course. We both feel that we have great tools to use in our marriage from this course for the rest of our lives.

    Destiny Kelly & Joshua FieldhouseFree Florida premarital course
  • This course brought us closer together, and made us talk about things we have never spoken about before. This course was easy to understand. It also gave us great tips.

    Juan and Magda RiveraFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Opened our eyes, had fun while taking the tests and quizzes, watched the movies suggested.. Quality time spent while learning more about each other was amazing

    Christina and Tymonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • this course was both informational and inspiring my partner and I were able to discover a list of things that we want to achieve through out the course of our marriage.

    Nastasia hamilton & Jose OsiasFlorida online premarital course
  • The course was very informative and easy to navigate, we learned and grew as a couple in such a short period of time.

    Steven Concepciononline Florida marriage preparation course
  • This course has taught us so much that we didn't know about each other. Worth the time. Thanks!

    Travis and Samantha SmallzeFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • This course was an amazing guide to help us understand what it really means to be together for the rest of our life.

    Guillermo & Dailetmarriage preparation course
  • This course offered a lot of insight for couple to really understand their roles and responsibilities in marriage. We learned a few things about ourselves through the question asking portion that we had no idea about before. This is a great course.

    Jeremy & JenniferFlorida premarital course
  • love is everlasting when the person you are in love with loves you with all there heart....

    tarrah sacnez and jonathan hoglandFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • I love this course

    Marissa and EltonFree Florida premarital course
  • This course prompted and brought up topics we would not have thought up on our own. These topics provided good discussions for what we need to work on and what we can expect moving forward. Thank you!

    Jessica & MattFlorida online premarital course
  • We have found this to be both easy and eye opening.

    Andrew Callaghan and Breanna DruckFlorida marriage preparation course
  • This counseling was awaking and rewarding , it gave you another perspective. These tip will be stretch in our memory.

    Lashonda Norman and Hineef MillerFlorida premarital course
  • This course was very informative and helped us with our communication skills!

    Kaylee & Tanner NicholsOnline Florida premarital counseling
  • This was an amazing course. We've been with each other for 14 years and its amazing how much more we've learned about each other though out time in the course. We would recommend this course to anyone who is about to take that next chapter of their lives

    Suzan and DarwinOnline Florida premarital course
  • Best crouse ever

    Joshua y yanerisFree Florida premarital course provider
  • This course was incredibly helpful. Everything that's covered is the foundation of what makes a strong marriage. We are excited to apply and reference this course in the future!

    Z and Monline Florida marriage preparation course
  • We are certainly grateful for the lessons learned throughout this course. It has brought us closer together and confirmed we truly are meant to be together. We can't wait to stand before our friends and family during our 10 year anniversary and thank "a beautiful ceremony" for helping us get there.

    The MuyangsFlorida premarital course
  • Four hours of enough information to make us (as a couple) think about it and discuss how we are going to achieve a common goal, which is a balanced marriage.

    Ricardo Wheeler and Karoline Da Silvaonline pre-marital course
  • This helped us out in so many ways,taking the time to sit and do this together brings you even closer to your partner.

    Andrea Freeman and Laura Ramirezpre-marital course online
  • Enjoyed the materials, liked the way it works.

    Noah and CaitlynPremarital course provider
  • amazing!!

    pamela and vikFlorida online premarital course
  • It’s a great way to know if you’re ready to unite two souls into the next step which is marriage; amazing questions to analyze if he or she is the one.

    Julissa And Marienza GasperiniFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • This course was very informational for up coming newly weds. We definitely plan on incorporating A lot of what we’ve learned today into our newly marriage.

    Roy and Lindaonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Great course for learning how to communicate and resolve conflicts

    Jean Jacques and SvitlanaFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • good information, We learned how to lead a better relationship within marriage.

    Andrea y Abelardopremarital preparation course
  • This is definitely needed and recommended before getting married. Eventhough the material was things we already knew, the activities and videos puts things in perspective for the both of us.

    Kenneth Bishop Jr, Shantae SandsFlorida pre-marital course
  • Great experience learned a lot of new things and ready to start my new life with my soon to be wife!

    Ryan Torres Sylvina Delaparaonline premarital counseling
  • Very informative and great ideas for addressing major topics. The videos were great and didn't feel like someone was preaching at me or yelling at me. Everything was very nurturing and guiding to make life together last forever.

    Ryan and Nicolepremarital preparation course
  • Good information-thanks for the fast delivery of the certificate of completion

    Andrea y AbelardoFlorida premarital course
  • Thank you for helping us build a stronger relationship and future together!

    Dale & HeatherFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Beautiful course. I thought this was going to be something dreaded and a burden but we were very surprised to find some absolutely AMAZING tips for a successful relationship and we learned so much about one another. We will actually continue to do more of this course on our own accord.

    David and Briannaonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Very fast and easy. Found the premarital course very helpful and fun.

    Rafael e VaniaFlorida online premarital course
  • Very easy to complete with wonderful information!

    Steve and Karenonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Really informative and easy to use. To recommend

    PELTIER BENEDICTE AND JONATHAN GARLOTFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • It was great to have a better understanding of each other.

    Sara Dimick and Sham SandyFlorida online premarital course
  • The course was fun and also helped us get our marriage license quicker and helped save money.

    SpenceFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Course was so practical and revealing.

    David and HazelFlorida premarital course
  • The information was very informative. I loved the budget information and the love language quiz.

    Wright familyFlorida online premarital course
  • This helped out our relationship so much not only from all the things we learned about each other communicating understanding and dealing with each other emotionally our likes and dislikes this helped us in everyway imaginable as well as maid the mirrage procces so much Easyer we went straight to the court and where able to get married in under n hour i highly recommend for couples lookin to better there relationship as well as get married right away

    Lisa Gumbs Giovanni RodriguezFlorida online premarital course
  • This course was very convenient for us. The subject matter was very informative. While taking the course we grew as a couple, we learn new skills that we feel will help us as newlyweds. And if needed, we will definitely from time to time revisit for guidance. Thank you,

    Frontal Merus , Yvette WinstonPremarital course provider
  • This course was very convenient for us. The subject matter was very informative. While taking the course we grew as a couple, we learn new skills that we feel will help us as newlyweds. And if needed, we will definitely from time to time revisit for guidance. Thank you,

    Frontal Merus , Yvette WinstonFlorida premarital course
  • This Course was phenomenal, also we learn as couple be complementary, as family, financial & understandings one the each other and very important was easy to learn. Thank you

    Jose & MarshaFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Thank you for making this course available – I’m glad that we found you!. We really enjoyed doing the love language profile. Thanks for making this process so easy and fun.

    Ying Li & Derrick Rizziello
  • The Osceola courthouse recommended your program. Thanks for being so fast in giving us the certificate of completion. I really appreciated watching the videos – we both learned a lot.

    Starla Dawn Bond & Jon Alan Lowe
  • Thanks for offering the course – I thought it was great the way it is. Thanks for helping us skip the 3 day waiting period.

    Kristin D’Espies & Drew Bittorf
  • I’m so glad we found this marriage preparation course. It was a lot more fun and interesting than I thought it would be. We plan on keeping it for future reference.

    Danielle Snow & Jesse Cochran
  • The course was easy and I think it was great!

    Vines Cruz & Roland Perez
  • This course was amazing and I think all couples whether or not they are getting married should do these exercises with in 3 months of their relationship. We take for granted so many things and forget about the basics.

    Olivia P. Williams & Godwin O. Odileke
  • This helped us a lot -We now feel like there is nothing stopping us from just being open about everything. Our biggest achievement during this course was learning that no matter what comes our way, we would be prepared and really know how to handle those tough situations that may occur! We also now know what the other person expects and what makes the other know they are loved!

    Christina Muniz & Jonathan Ortiz
  • This course definitely helped us, especially Nathan, with our communication skills. We actually had fun taking this course this weekend! We especially enjoyed section one!

    Timothy Murray and Pamela Sabia
  • So, Glad we found this course! We learned that ut is our love that matters. Not what others think, say or feel. We put each other first. We have walked away from the negative people in our lives. We are able to work though our problems easier then before, now that we have a better understanding.

    Bettina Rodriguez & Michael Pannulla
  • Thanks for making this so easy! I learned that as a team we can execute things faster and better as far as decision making and planning things. Working together definitely gives our relationship a huge advantage!

    Daniela De Francesco & Eidan Pagan
  • This course helped us in these ways:

    It gave us a new way to approach our disagreements.

    It allowed us to talk about uncomfortable topics such as money and our expectations we each have about our marriage.

    It made us realize that we need to work on expressing ourselves and also the need to keep open lines of communication.

    We have talked about keeping the course close by and revisiting it in the next few months as newlyweds. We especially enjoyed the choice of activities and also Section 2 which made us sit and think about serious issues that we will confront together as a married couple

    Stephen M. Sperling & Mitzi Kay Long
  • This course helped us connect ..like truly connect from the core of our hearts. We’ve learned many different techniques we can use for challenging situations.

    The games and questions have been SO helpful we can’t even fathom this program being improved. It’s perfect already!

    Jawad A. Jilani
  • This course opened our eyes to all the hardships relationships will endure. We really enjoyed all of the exercises. Haven't done them all, but will work on them.

    It's great the way it is. Easy and concise, not overwhelming with detail.

    Kent Kaveh Alipour & Maria Del Carmen Perez
  • ‘This course definitely helped us, especially Nathan, with our communication skills. We actually had fun taking this course this weekend! We especially enjoyed the videos!’

    Kevin Perrier & Alexandra Choquette
  • This gave us another amazing experience to add to our memories to cherish for the rest of our lives.

    Daniel Dock Talent & Ruth Milcarsz
  • This course help us to understand that communication is important but that we need to listen to each other and understand that we may both have a valid point and to respect each other no matter the situation

    This course has helped us open up to each other and communicate better.

    Eduardo L Pacheco & Katherine Perez

Our Premarital Course Is Approved in All 67 Counties in the State of Florida

​To waive the 3-day waiting period and receive your $25.00 marriage license discount it is necessary that you take your premarital counseling from a registered premarital provider. Not all premarital course providers are accepted in every county but don’t worry we are approved within every county.


“This course definitely helped us, especially Nathan, with our communication skills. We actually had fun taking this course this weekend! We especially enjoyed the videos!”

“The Marriage Preparation Course help the two of us realize our weaknesses with each other. It gave us a new outlook on how to keep our marriage strong, loving and to respect each other’s feelings. Taking this course made us realize our past mistakes and what we need to do to make this marriage a lasting and loving one.”

“It was so much fun for us. Even though we have been married before, and are older with grandchildren, it makes you realize this is why I want to be with this person.”

“We now feel like there is nothing stopping us from just being open about everything. Our biggest achievement during this course was learning that no matter what comes our way, we would be prepared and really know how to handle those tough situations that may occur! We also now know what the other person expects and what makes the other know they are loved!”

“Every night, we made sure to let people know that we were working on our marriage preparation course, so there were no distractions. This truly allowed us to stop everything and focus on the real issue, which is NOT the house, NOT the reception, NOT the gifts for everyone else, rather, the big picture… our marriage.”

Questions about the Florida Online Premarital Course:

​How long will it take for me to get my Certificate of Completion?

​How long does the Florida premarital course take?

​Do we both have to pay for the premarital preparation course?

​How long will the Certificate of Completion be valid?

​Is your online premarital course accepted in Florida?

​How do we pay for the online premarital course?

​Can I take the pre-marital course over a time span of days, weeks or months?

​How does my partner and I take the premarital preparation course if we are in a long-distance relationship?

Who is Rev. Kevin ?

Kevin Knox profile photo

​My passion for marriage preparation grew from the aftermath of my divorce in 2001. It was then I made a vow that I was going to find out what made marriages work and what made them fail. After 14 years of researching pre-marital preparation professionals, marriage experts and relationship gurus I ended up with a proven collection the best practices and principles. What I learned not only made a huge difference with my 2nd marriage but it has also helped thousands of other couples. This online version of the Florida premarital course is an effort make the empowering content more convenient and assessable. It’s my hope and prayer this pre-marital course would transform you and your marriage.

Rev. Kevin is a member of the National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education and an alumnus of Smartmarriages conferences.

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​Our Premarital Course Is Approved in All 67 Counties in the State of Florida

​To waive the 3-day waiting period and receive your $25.00 marriage license discount it is necessary that you take your premarital counseling from a registered premarital provider. Not all premarital course providers are accepted in every county but don’t worry we are approved within every county.

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