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What They’re All Saying.

  • Taking the time to consider such a serious step, is certainly worth applying Biblical counsel. After all the 3 fold cord is the strongest of all designs physically and applying Jah's plans for his creation and the treatment of each other cannot be done without!

    Kenneth & Mariamarriage preparation course
  • The pre-marital counseling course was nothing like we expected. It was way better. We dug deep and even though we've been together for a long time, these questions and topics weren't the things we took time out to learn about each other. The course was not boring at all. It felt like we were sitting with someone we knew for some time who was mentoring us.

    Shauna Thomas and Timothy HerbertFlorida online premarital course
  • We learned so much about ourselves in this course. We will definitely be using all the resources that they offer.

    HALEY AND MARK SEBASTIANmarriage preparation course
  • We feel that we are better prepared after having taken this course! Thanks

    Patrizia Bologna y Carlos LiendoFlorida premarital course
  • Very engaging, questionnaires, and activities videos were awesome. We both learned a lot about ourselves each other, as well as other things important in keeping a good stable marriage definitely will revisit the modules over and over.

    Mark and PatriciaFlorida online premarital course
  • This is a great course. Easy to use and very effective. This will help our relationship a lot. Thank you for offering this.

    Michael and Eva SalokarFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • We did this course and learned a lot about one another, and how to communicate more effectively.

    Victor & Amandaonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • These videos were great. Even the ones regarding topics that seem too controversial or broad, ended up being very insightful and full of great information. For example, the parenting video is so valuable for everyone to listen to because it gives great tips that will truly help you be the best you can. The course covers very important topics in a very easy to digest way. I would definitely recommend this one.

    Jessica & Georgemarriage preparation course
  • It has helped us to direct to develop a better relationship with understanding.

    Alvin R. Ramirez and Jinky Centino MorrisonFlorida premarital course
  • These questions were real question is a good conversation starters. These questions help bring up things we didn’t think of before.

    Dionne Davis Fernandel FrancoisFlorida online premarital course
  • amazing course materials

    Jose Alejandro Munoz / Carolina Ardila Gamboaonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • It was great information, especially on communication, and how it makes us stronger...

    KARINA BRANSFORD & ROBERT REEVES JRFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • This course helped us out with learning more about us. We enjoyed it.

    LaKeisha and Lorenzo Randolph, SRmarriage preparation course
  • The course was so fun honestly. Hit a lot of great points, opened a lot of great discussions and overall very informative.

    Rey Kasih x Maricia KasihFlorida premarital course
  • This was a great experience the questions and disscussion were really good to get to know each other

    Tricia and Joseph SaulsFlorida online premarital course
  • Great course, very informative. Learned about my partner and our love language.

    Anthony and JeanineFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • This was a fantastic learning experience. You don’t think about what is to come with marriage and it felt healthy and comforting to know we can learn together through faith and being open about our strengths and weaknesses.

    Karla and Christopher Marquezonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • I have had a horrible time finding an officiant I found Kevin through my venue after my first two (personal officiants I knew) canceled on me. Finding him has saved me time and stress while getting a marriage license, which I had no idea where to start. His videos were very helpful and insightful.

    Samantha and Rockymarriage preparation course
  • Great class

    Leland & AshleyFlorida premarital course
  • Very helpful videos

    Kevin Drewitt Jr & Pilar Rolle-CrossmanFlorida online premarital course
  • Worth it! Easy and perfect - exactly what we needed!

    Holly and RaleighFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Positive course with valuable lessons

    Wes and Laraonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • I fell in love with my best friend. We been through everything together and I can’t wait for the many more adventures, smiles, laughs, hard, and long days ahead. We are both very happy with each other and can’t wait to start this new chapter in out lives.

    Tinnea Johnson Darrell Lanemarriage preparation course
  • A great course to take in order to better understand what goes into have a better marriage in life

    Gladys and NestorFlorida premarital course
  • Good course, we have been together over 5 years and this was pretty refreshing and we have some new insight!

    Iz + TomFlorida online premarital course
  • This class has really blessed us. Has us thinking out of the box onconflict resolution and putting God as the head of our marriage. No one has to be right all the time.

    William Jackson Gwavonia CarsonFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Great course and a good way to start a commitment to each other.

    Cynthia Dejesus and Terrell McClainonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • This course is amazing. It not only give you resources to utilize but it also give discussion question for you and your partner to answer. The communication portion of the coarse is my favorite because it’s questions as if you’re first getting to know your partner. It also has open ended question for each couple to answer.

    Mercades And Charliemarriage preparation course
  • We prayed to GOD for each other and were right in front of each others face the whole time and never knew it was us he wanted together.

    Jaylon Johnson and Gabrielle JamesFlorida premarital course
  • Thank you for bringing us closer together.

    Melissa Pittman and Patrick BrownFlorida online premarital course
  • This course was extremely helpful.

    Richard BaxterFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Loved all the information in this course. The financials were so important and we’ve always said communication is key. This course taught us just how valuable the things you say are

    Aubree and Jasononline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Loved going through this course. It allowed us to reflect on our personal, joint, and financial goals as well as what we plan for our children, home, and our families. This course was easy, engaging, and my favorite part was all of the resources that I get to keep. We made a commitment to review the bible verses annually to reflect on our growth.

    Julio and Josemarriage preparation course
  • This has been a great and rewarding journey

    Larneishia and CalvinFlorida premarital course
  • An excellent simplified class. Thank you.

    Arnold & Mirlena SierraFlorida online premarital course
  • When reading the inquires showed me To be honest devoted to my fiance to be wife as a family man husband, a father, mentor and friend in all aspects as To love, care, and be honest towards my family

    Jose & Maria Barron JrFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • As long as we try to live by our Christian beliefs our marriage will be blessed and successful

    George and Crystal Cafferyonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Easy course. Very helpful understanding marriage and what it takes to make it work.

    Becky & Mattmarriage preparation course
  • This resource was a wonderful addition to our marriage preparation. We couldn’t have asked for a better counseling program!

    Carl and KristieFlorida premarital course
  • We've been together 3 years and this course opened up so much to talk about prior to us getting married. Absolutely amazing!!!

    Radel and BrielFlorida online premarital course
  • Don’t make the same mistakes twice

    Wendy and Robert IaconettiFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • 07/13/2023

    Kiranbhai sallyonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • We really appreciate this course! Thank you!

    Benny and Elbamarriage preparation course
  • Great information for couples looking to strive in a new marriage and what it takes to keep that bond strong

    Jason and Kameka StiversFlorida premarital course
  • very easy fast and convenient online premarital course i would recommend to everyone

    destiny and kyle johnsonFlorida online premarital course
  • We absolutely enjoyed this course! It allowed us to dive deep into our thoughts and emotions. We were able to learn about each other spiritual, mentally, physically and emotionally. It allows you both to be open minded and vulnerable, which only further strengthens your bond.

    Deidre Tabb & Miles BowlingFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • We liked how easy and complete this course was.

    Nicole & Ivanonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • This is a Wonderful course. We learned a lot about each other but more about ourselves. Gives you a lot to think about.

    Sean and Heathermarriage preparation course
  • We appreciate the videos especially the communication and confirmation it really helped my fiancé and i

    Jeannie & DomenicFlorida premarital course
  • fantastic course. easy to navigate and very infomative

    Andrew and KristaFlorida online premarital course
  • Going through this class helped us grow closer as a couple and cement our relationship in stone. Learning our communication styles has definitely helped in talking about different subjects. Thank you!

    Jeremy and Chelsea MessengerFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Great, quality of messaging, production, themes,deep wisdom message!!! Congratulatioinsa., you made us indeed make this a blessed marriage.

    Cesar & Moniqueonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • It was an amazing service. Me and my fiancé live long distance so doing this course prior to his arrival helped speed up the process even faster.

    Ruyeilliss Nieves and Jake Turnagemarriage preparation course
  • Is essential for a healthy and lasting relationship. Among the most important points, effective communication, mutual respect, and the ability to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner stand out.

    raphael & abigailFlorida premarital course
  • I loved the course it's teaches a lot good things n exercises we can do w each other to make sure our marriage is successful

    WILLETTE n SHARON ERVINFlorida online premarital course
  • Great service Fast and efficient

    Xavier & JustinFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • We both learned a lot from the course even though we are both older with many varied experiences. We both feel this course will be very beneficial in our new life together.

    Andrew & Kayonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • It was very helpful

    Natalyah, Renaldomarriage preparation course
  • It has been a blessing for us to go through this course. Sometimes we couples believe that relationships give themselves naturally, but they don't. You need to work in the relationship with wisdom and skills. This course provides you with both. We, as a couple, are planning to do that, and I'm sure our relationship is going to improve a lot

    Dennys Perez and Anayris del Valle MunozFlorida premarital course
  • My fiancé was reluctant to taking the course but, we both learned a lot through the sessions and he was surprised after we had completed them. I’m super happy that I found this site and can tell a lot of effort was put into the videos.

    Jennifer Lee Mulligan and Neeshra Shool OwaeshFlorida online premarital course
  • thank you for this amazing course it has really been eye opening and educational.

    Eduardo Raymon and Nahansel AdamesFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Thanks for your help

    Darío And yordalys lumbionline Florida marriage preparation course
  • This was easy to complete this course not boring at all very educational.

    John Glusica & Syciner McCarrollmarriage preparation course
  • I highly recommend this course I learned so many things I thought I already knew ! But boy was I wrong ! So helpful!

    Marissa & AustinFlorida premarital course
  • Very well spoken and a please to receive you in our home

    Francis J BishopFlorida online premarital course
  • Forever and always

    Nadine and SergioFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • The number reason for divorce is financial issues and it’s crazy how a lot of people tend to ignore it or not take it seriously but I loved how this man of God broke it down because it is necessary to have these tough conversations with your spouse.

    Jessye Mulamba and Fabrice Mbahonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • We were able to grow stronger as a couple with our time through this marriage counseling. We were able to find our strong points and weak points by being able to discuss each other questions and fully being able to understand each others view points better.

    The Cummingsmarriage preparation course
  • Do it

    Rodney and MaggieFlorida premarital course
  • Affordable and easy

    Christian and LoriFlorida online premarital course
  • We absolutely loved this course.It showed us a lot of tools to use for the future.

    Samantha and Deion JamesFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • This course was a great way to discuss topics that aren't really mentioned between the relationship, it was great talking about these topics together and coming to compromises and solutions.

    Ashton Shakur and Yvonna Sarjooonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Would like to start off by saying Teresa Knox is amazing. My fiancé and I took a 4-hour premarital counseling course before getting married, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. The course was incredibly informative and helpful, and it gave us a great foundation for our marriage. The course covered a wide range of topics, including communication, conflict resolution, financial planning. We learned a lot about each other and ourselves, and we came away with a much better understanding of what it takes to have a successful marriage. The course was also very engaging and interactive. We were able to participate in discussions and exercises. Overall, we were very impressed with the 4-hour premarital counseling course. It was a valuable experience that helped us to prepare for a lifetime of happiness together. If you are thinking about getting married, I highly recommend taking a premarital counseling course. It is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

    Troy and Rachelmarriage preparation course
  • Excellent time-tested and research-backed material! The course website was easy to access and the video material was presented in a friendly, positive and authentic manner. The printouts were very helpful and stimulating as well. We would highly recommend this course!

    Eric Shryock and Cristina GarciaFlorida premarital course
  • The course was easy to access and understand, and we had a lot of fun with it! We found ourselves talking about the things that we learned a lot, and we had some wonderful deep conversations from the discussion questions. This was a fantastic course and we will continue to use it as we progress in our relationship!

    Ben McKenna and Sarah WonchFlorida online premarital course
  • The videos really enlightened us and we really got to know one another. Keith has a daughter so the blended family video was very great.

    Lakisha Richard&Keith SmithFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Great course!

    Alexandra Miles and Juan Garciaonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Very easy course with useful information/tips to bring into marriage. So happy that we found this course! Thank you.

    Shaunna & Carlosmarriage preparation course
  • The course was great and taught us a lot about our relationship. Thank you!

    Mohammed and Nicole ErfanFlorida premarital course
  • Great Course to take before marrying your mate. It teaches you how to communicate better and deal with certain issues such as finances, disagreements, family and God.

    Sheddrick & PreciousFlorida online premarital course
  • Very excited

    Marsalis pratt latoi BrunnFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • The course was great and efficient. It was easy for us to complete online from home together!

    Megan and Andrewonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Great website, easy and creative. A great way to connect and help many!

    Anessia Rodriguez and Saul J Alvarezmarriage preparation course
  • Your class was very helpful to myself and Fiancee. It really opened up our eyes regarding communication and how a man and women are so different in the aspect. Again, thanks so much for putting a program together like this.

    Nicole Millay and Wade RaulersonFlorida premarital course
  • It's a great course with a ton of takeaways. The structure of the program is great, and you can work at your own pace. Highly recommend anyone who's getting married to go through this course.

    Max & MeghanFlorida online premarital course
  • Is a great course i learned so much and very happy to find this course

    Johny and JeimyFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Very useful insight on relationships and marriage. Gave us information we never thought we needed.

    ANDREW JAMES TURMAN AND SHANNA JEANISE YOUNGonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • We've been together going on 7 years . This course allowed us to get uncomfortable and open up on some different perspectives . All while it still being fun and allowing us to open up even more ! Communication is key and we can't wait to continue to use this throughout our marriage .

    Jazzsity & Anthonymarriage preparation course
  • The class helped us relate to each other on another level

    Eric & BrandyFlorida premarital course
  • With many people hating on us we stayed happy together came up together we where best friends and lovers we both helped each other stretched out potential n start to reach it we have accomplished more goals together than ever we both been thrue alot we are best when we are together out spiritually stronger enhanced mentally stronger and physically stronger we have been threatened stalked hurt by others n we made it through chris said" thank you yahweh "we have felt like we always known each other loved each other and we are meant to be we will love each other help each other we shall come up past where we need n want to be together

  • Great insight, with someone that has a Masters in Communication, it was great to re-learn many of these principles and how they apply to our personal relationship.

    Catherine Benetti & Matthew MurphyFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • This was a fast way to do the course I totally recommend

    Emalee & Jason Yatesonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Course was outstanding!!! I learned a lot about how to have a healthy relationship I would highly recommend this course to anyone!

    Jill Cory and Bryan Rogersmarriage preparation course
  • Thanks so much for this invaluable video series. everyone should take advantage of it. it provides perspective needed before getting married.

    Amber and Thomas VojnovichFlorida premarital course
  • Awesome experience

    Abhijit Chaskar&Tiara FaconFlorida online premarital course

    MICHAEL GRIMES AND KANDACE COXFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • We loved the course!

    Christina Kenon and James Derdenonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Rev Kevin Knox has been absolutely amazing!! His communication is quick and precise, making our process such a breeze! We are very thankful for Rev Kevin and his team and very glad we chose them over the rest! 🙂

    Shaina Reynolds and Barbaros Akyolmarriage preparation course
  • Good job

    Estefania MelissaFlorida premarital course
  • 5 star

    Valeriia RamezFlorida online premarital course
  • A very enlightening experience. This guy really knows what he's talkingaboout. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking about marriage

    Torrance and Tiffany WashingtonFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • We found this course really insightful. The Love Languages and Personality Quizes at the beginning were really telling and not something we had completed before but seemed to be quite spot on for us! I have noticed a shift in how we treat each other even with this little bit of knowledge. As we continued the course work, we worked through communication, conflict resolution and parenting topics and were better able to align our goals for the future lives together. We feel even more secure in our decision to get married.

    Amanda Culp & Logan Sheldononline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Thank you for making this easy and understandable!

    Jade & MichaelFlorida premarital course
  • This course is Excellent and just renew what we already knew in us

    Brian Bell and Pedrina MartinezFlorida online premarital course
  • Very easy to understand and do with each other.

    tayler cruz Taylor woodFlorida Marriage preparation course

    TRISTAN and TAMARRonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • I recommend doing the online premarital course! It’s very helpful and helps both of us understand more about our relationship.

    Tamarra and Tristanmarriage preparation course
  • Valuable resource!! Highly recommend.

    Lisa Collins Andrew CassasFlorida premarital course
  • We loved this marriage course! It was fun, we learned a lot about each other and will definitely grow from this course!

    Jenna Lambertson and Brenden McVayFlorida online premarital course
  • This course taught us more about one another

    PlesumeFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • There’s really a lot of informations in the course that I think will open a couple eyes and will also help them be prepared for that journey. We are glad we took the class

    Coles/Madlyneonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • The course was really informative and easy to complete at our own pace! Also, it is the cheapest course, others were close to $100 which was outrageous. Thank you so much for the information!

    Aimee Griswold & Brett Minniemarriage preparation course
  • It's a very good premarital course.

    Alfredo Cruz Jr. & Jacqueline Hernandez MonterFlorida premarital course
  • We very much enjoyed participating in this course together building lifelong skills and learning tips to help us in the present and future in our marriage. I learned so much about each other during this course and our relationship is stronger because of it!

    Gabrielle & LoganFlorida online premarital course

    DAMISELA & DEIVYSFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • I cannot describe a union that is infinite in words of any language as they're finite. The union is infinite

    NORMAN MATTHEW CURTIS AND VERONICA LEE ALEXANDERonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Great Class. Enjoyed Rev Knox's messages and tone of voice.

    Christine and Kyle
  • Very pertinent to our needs and reassuring us that we are right for each other.

    Janet Callahan. Richard BarratiereFlorida online premarital course
  • This was a user friendly way to learn more about each other in preparation for our marriage, thank you!

    Jenilee and Gerardonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • This course was very helpful. It was well worded and asked questions that really made us think. We ended up actually enjoying this and wanted to watch all videos.

    Ashley and Solomononline Florida marriage preparation course
  • We learned a lot of interesting things. The videos speak on things we actually needed to know. Very resourceful.

    Tessa and JohnFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • yes, I have one.

    Andrew and MargoFlorida online premarital course
  • The course is amazing! I recommend this course to everyone. You won’t be disappointed!

    Rosa GonzalezFlorida premarital course
  • This course was very informative and we learned a lot, we plan to carry this with us forever.

    Kevin G Brown & TaShea Sappmarriage preparation course
  • There was a lot of useful and insightful information in those videos. We will definitely be revisiting these guidelines in the future.

    Brandon and Bianca
  • We’ve enjoyed watching videos and we feel that we have connected and learn more about each other and how to handle issues when arise. thank you so much Manuel

    Sonia Leon and Manuel Cirilo
  • I am happy that we have taken the course it has made us closer then ever.

    Carlos Merced Janette Colon
  • This was worth taking , it taught us thinks we would never have known by ourselves. We feel we are ready to move forward without doubts.

    Fiona Cumming
  • It was so beautiful and helpful to have questionnaires to encourage dialogue, as well as strengthen our relationships.

    Leslie and Nathan Wells
  • Great service

    Portia Whilby and Stephen Morris
  • course was enlightening, practical, nicely done and resourceful.

    Linda Cupo and Michael Kennedy
  • Great course.

    Jennifer and Dylan
  • The lessons were great! Really helped open up our views on many different aspects of our relationship and soon marriage!

    Rosemary and Anthony
  • We thought we knew everything about each other. We learned a few things that we appreciate very much. Thank you. This is a wonderful course!

    Crystal and Gregory
  • easy to understand and very useful

    Lucas & Caroline
  • We truly enjoyed completing this exercise as we were both able to learn and understand the important expectations each person has or holds. I think this is a great way to put your best foot forward.

    Sara and Zachery Bach
  • The course was helpful, easy to follow and completed. Highly recommend this course.

    Andrea & Donald H.
  • Very easy to follow along and easy completion afterwards

    Gregory and Megan Himschoot
  • This was so easy and very thorough! We learned a lot about ourselves with this program

    Stephanie and Arthur
  • great course

    Jacob Wright Carmen Wright
  • WE really enjoyed this! Thank you so much for providing us with such a lovely premarital course.

    Ally and Trent
  • thanks for all the points to be discussed

    Santiago Alonso and Yarleny de los Angeles
  • Great! My partner and I learned a lot more about each other on a higher scale.

    Estere and SeideA beautiful ceremony
  • This course was a lot of fun to do with each other and we actually learned a lot about our relationship. Would highly recommend for any couple to do before getting married.

    Michael Davis and Kirsten O’Leary
  • Quick and easy! We learned something and we were able to waive the three day waiting period

    Gabrielle and Clayton
  • Very helpful

    Damien and Adreanna Khan
  • This course was very useful in learning about each other and putting us as a couple together. spending the time to think about things we may not have thought about.

    Stephanie & Carlos Ramirez
  • Very easy to navigate and gives valuable information.

    Mr and Ms Frazier
  • Beautiful Ceremony had definitely showed us a better way to become closer with each other, ourselves and God. It showed us that love is possible to fix when it is done in the proper manner. We thank you guys for showing us God’ love on how to have a good marriage.

    Shaquanda & Angel
  • This course has helped me already and the information which i received is indispensable for a successful marriage.

    Chad and Kamaria
  • This course was so informative! Broken up into perfect segments

    Armando and Rosannanone
  • Great help

    Ashley Rivera & Robert Andrews
  • Loved the course! Everything I needed was easily accessible and a great learning experience.

    Mariel and Christian
  • Great info!

    Tammie bonds
  • This course has been a great tool and an eye opener to marriage. Really excellent course a tool we will use continuously.

    Garfield Daley & Latoya Dewar
  • Insightful and thought provoking. Easy to watch and follow.

    Sarah & Dar
  • Very informational and great to review if you're getting married!

    Crystal & AndriyGreat info!
  • Love them they are amazing!

    MoniDefinitely one of the best courses
  • Learned a lot! Really liked the course

    David and Maria
  • I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this online course. I can even look back at the videos and questions that were printed.

    Kiya Jackson Willie HillFlorida premarital course
  • Going into this course we felt confident that our foundation as a couple was very strong but we wanted to learn more about what we can do to continually solidify that foundation. This course was easy to follow and provided us with what we feel are additional tools to continue to build and grow together as we begin this chapter of our lives together!

    Isabella and MatthewFlorida premarital course
  • .

    Ilaniz and antonioFlorida online premarital course
  • This class reaffirmed to me that I chose the correct life partner! So excited to make it official.

    Crystal Lizardo and Charles GrahamFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Course really provided us with a deeper perspective in our relationship with the questions provided and guided us with scriptures.

    Kayla and Moisesonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Great learning experience and helps you realize your personal approach to self awareness. The course is very informative and provides many tools to help you have a successful relationship/ marriage.

    Jamarie and Adrian MedinaFlorida premarital course

    HAROLD DAUPHIN AND ANGIE PIERREFlorida premarital course
  • Amazing

    Cheswa Nakazwe Simmons & Gregory Benoit JacobFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Best course ever!!

    Rachele Rene & Gersynio OrilasFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • i feel really good about this upcoming marriage with me and my fiance and i think these tips are gonna really help us get through this relationship and finish strong knowing that we are in this together and we have been putting the tips in are everyday life so we thank you

    Lesley Peterson & Jeffery Duncanonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • This was easy to navigate and insightful. Highly recommend

    Paul and Melissamarriage preparation course
  • Highly Recommended

    Fatimah Capron and Jaleel McpheeFlorida premarital course
  • The course was very good and refreshing and took a lot of anxiety about marriage away.

    Emerald and EliFlorida online premarital course
  • The way this course is set up has been optimized to be the simplest, easiest, and most beneficial possible to the consumer. We really appreciate how everything is laid out as-well as how in-depth each topic is. Thank you for your hard work! We will take the skills we've learned and apply them for life.

    Seobin Kim and Darien BretonFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • The content was easy to follow and interesting to go through.

    Christina & Stanonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • learned alot. amazing videos love that it included bible verses

    Rick and melissamarriage preparation course

    WENDY JULIOT COLASFlorida premarital course
  • We took this class as an engaged couple and I can say with certainty that we have started to build a very solid foundation for our future. We communicate so effectively now. The other big thing is that we understand each other's points of view so much better. This class is definitely chocked full of useful guidance.

    Jacob Alexander McWilliams and Madison Nicole RileyFlorida online premarital course
  • We have been together for 20 years and have 4 children together we always had marriage in ind as our end result and we just decided let’s do it we have always had a great source of communication but the techniques here say the key to communicating is not be judgmental.

    Bryan Jackson and angel crosbyonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • There are so many things that we hear and that we think we might know, but when my future husband and I learned after taking this course was amazingly helpful. Everything that we learned will be definitely applied in our marriage. Thank you

    Ada Peralta & Jaime Barrosoonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • These modules are actually pretty good and helpful to understand better each other and our expectations.

    Oleg and Mabelmarriage preparation course
  • The course was very informative helped us understand what we were doing wrong and guided us on the right path.

    Lina and Moise Saint FleurFlorida premarital course
  • was very informative

    Jessica and MatthewFlorida online premarital course
  • helped me and my husband to be understand the true meaning of marriage and grew us strong together as lovers and as partners .

    juis kelFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Ana Mercadante James Fuller

    Fiama Carvalho Daniel Okeefeonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • I love the lessons taught and look forward to using these in our future.

    Elizabeth and Jeremy Trookmarriage preparation course
  • The martial counseling helped us to realized our previous conflict resolutions were only creating more conflicts. Now we can openly communicate without losing our temper. We can look at our weaknesses as just ways to improve instead of ways we are failing. It provided a clear vision as how we want our marriage to be when we are handling monies and raising our children. Taking this course was so great to do as a couple, we had fun with the practice activities and discussing the modules together. We learned a lot about ourselves and us as a couple and we are ready to take on marriage!

    McKenzie H. and Noah D.Florida premarital course
  • Very informative

    Rebecca AugustinFlorida online premarital course
  • Perfect for us! Kevin answers the phone and answers questions and follows up. Made it easy!

    Kim and TonyFlorida Marriage preparation course

    DESTINY AND KENNETH BRITT IIIonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Simple easy to follow instructions.

    Tomeka and Adrias Mooremarriage preparation course
  • The course turned out to be in fact very engaging and enlightening. We are grateful to Mr. Knox and will definitely revisit the course often.

    Valeriy Kipelov and Scarlett SwailsFlorida premarital course
  • Great, so informational!

    CarrollFlorida online premarital course
  • We love that this was available to us in out time of need !

    Gwendolyn and richardFlorida Marriage preparation course
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  • We are so happy that we took this course! My fiancee and I haven't been together very long and we're still learning about one another and these videos helped us take it to the next level. It provided useful, valuable information that can be used in real time. We will use these tools for many years to come. The transaction was simple and effortless.

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  • God placed us in each others lives at a pivatle moment of peace. We lived in different states, prayed faithfully and had faith that God will fill our hearts desires. We, both, weas not seeking a relationship as we came out of marriages that could not be reconciled. As I worked in Florida Keith's mother saw something in me for her son and knew I was the woman for him. I hesitated to contact, but his consistency wit prayers, daily devotions and the love of God kept my interest. One day I finally responded to his text, then I gained the courage to call him. After the butterflies, nervousness and we both agreed to meet. The rest is our history to share with the world, to give folks hope and remain faithful with the lord as there is love and joy in life after divorce. We chose not to live in sin and as we blend 7 beautiful girls we are happier than we ever been and cannot wait to Mr. & Mrs. Keith C. White.

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    James Matthew Fiori, Paige Alexandria Wilfordmarriage preparation course
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    Christopher Lee and Elizabeth Diazmarriage preparation course
  • Rev Kev has been very instrumental in our journey to the alter! He was always available to answer our questions! His counseling sessions enabled us to develop our communication skills and prepared us for married life! We are grateful to him and his team!

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  • Great videos and discussion guides for open communication over the course topics. Found referral on Equality Florida website. Only suggestion is to de-genderize the references to Bride/Groom on Certificate. With same sex marriage equality, there should be a change to Spouse/Spouse references. Thanks Reverend Knox

    Ryan Wertz & Mark Birminghamonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • It allowed us to think back on our history and rethink the way we have dealt with our problems. It also gave us new tools to deal with conflict.

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  • My soon to be husband and I have been together for 13 years. We have two beautiful daughters together. We have shared many highs and some very low times. We have always supported each other no matter what. At first we thought taking this class would be irrelevant because of the time we have already invested in each other. ( of course we must know all we need to keep our relationship strong)... But we are very happy we invested the time in the course. We learned a lot! We learned how to communicate in a better and more positive way. We learned a lot in regards to coming together in a more positive and effective way with disciplining our children and raising them to have a healthier emotional and physical upbringing. It allowed us to take time together as a couple and really focus on what is important in our life. It made me feel closer to him, and allowed open dialogue to conversations we may have not had if not for this class. Definitely recommend!

    Christen and ShawnFlorida Marriage preparation course
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  • This was a wonderful way for us to dive into our relationship even more.

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  • My husband and I could not have picked a better officiant. Reverend Kevin Knox was so easy to work with. He lays everything out for you, making the big day a little less stressful. He is such a kind and easy-going guy, I can't thank him enough for making my ceremony so special and unforgettable.

    Ryan & Angela Cheekmarriage preparation course
  • We both really enjoyed this course! It helped us discuss all the difficult instructions and provide us tools to better our marriage! Reverend Kevin did an amazing job on the videos, we highly recommend to any couples wanting to get married!

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    ERIC AND TIA YOUNGFlorida online premarital course
  • We met online through a dating site and have had many great times and diffucult times together, but ultimatly putting our relationship in gods hands trusting and following his will for our lives together.

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  • This online course was exactly what we needed. We had been planning on getting married in October, but when the Covid quarantine was put in place, we were physically separated for 30 days. This made me realize I didn't want to spend any more time away from her than was absolutely necessary. We moved up the wedding to August, and took the course. It was easy to understand, actionable, and relevant to our backgrounds (I'm a widower and she a divorcee). Thanks so much! P.S. It would be great if there were a spanish language version!

    YIG LAM WONG & JOSE REYES JRonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this online course. I suppose, I wasn’t 100% confident in the quality of counsel we’d receive, by watching videos. And, after finishing the course I can say my initial doubts were completely unnecessary. Every video armed us with tools and knowledge to combat the inevitable marital spats. Just by assisting me and my husband to be in identifying our communication styles was worth it for us. But I especially appreciated the parenting and conflict resolution courses. If you’re considering this online premarital course... go for it, and be sure to utilize the discussion guides. We took away so much from these four hours that I plan to implement for a lifetime.

    Keydion Brown & Shannon LacyFlorida online premarital course
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    Mr and Mrs James online Florida marriage preparation course
  • These modules were very informative. We were confronted with many misconceptions about marriage and what it takes to be fulfilled. What we loved the most was that we understand what a marriage is in God's eyes not the world and how we can honor that. Thank you so much for the material.

    Tiffani & Tarvelmarriage preparation course
  • We were in need to complete a premarital counseling session in a short period of time of our wedding date. Average time in most churches, 2weeks to 6 week long sessions. Time we didn't have. I turned to my favorite search buddy, google, which led us to this site. It's exactly what we needed! We found the course content to be concise and precise with the right balance of spiritual and scripture guidance. It's convenient, self-paced, easy to understand, access anytime, low fee! I'm glad we found this great resource!

    Stanley and WoodlyneFlorida online premarital course
  • Easy to follow with great discussion questions that made it fun. We also liked the Christian based approach.

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  • We felt the class was was very informative, it had lots of great learning tools. Would have like to learn more about the blended family parts in your 4 hour on line class.

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  • The course is very informative!! We learned a lot that we need to work on to have a successful marriage. The assignments after each module were fun and helpful to break down the content of the course.

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  • We think the guides have good and informative points of information. We realized that we were practicing some of them and we learned how important they are or how to use those tools in a better way. The only minor negative that caught our attention was the idea of how it wasn't inclusive to relationships that aren't the traditional image.

    Cecilia and Danielmarriage preparation course
  • We found this course to provide a lot of great insight. It made us open to what more we can do to strengthen our relationship and future marriage. We also told each other that this would be could to keep and once in awhile refresh together and as equally as individuals.

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  • Great information help explore in dept a relationship and our goals

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  • I love the scriptural references. Everything she point back to the Word. It is our guide and our foundation. Course was easy, informational and effective. Thank you.

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  • This course was very natural and thought provoking.

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  • This was great ! it really opened both of us to questions that some of which we had not thought about yet and made us come closer together as a couple.

    Johnna Bussiere, Zachary GaboriaultFlorida premarital course
  • We really enjoyed this course. Very easy to understand and to complete. Thanks for the great advice.

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  • Very awesome easy and efficient course, Escambia county approved.

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  • This premarital course was unlike anything I had imagined. It gave us great topics to talk about and also gave us something to bond about. We did this course over 5 days. We went over it for an hour after work each night. We would eat dinner and then talk about the topics and giggle over our answers. It was very comforting to know that when we talked about topics that maybe weren't so comfortable to talk about before, are pretty easy to talk about now. This was also a nice course because we got to complete it from the comfort of our own home. We definitely recommend to any young couples that are going to get married!

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    Nikkei Lee gill Leonard Burgess IIIFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Our Relation is built on God First, Family, love, trust and communication. I would admonish anyone planning on marriage to take a marriage course regardless of how much you think you may already know about each other.

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  • Disney has had a place in our hearts as Children. And having our wedding in Disney will definitely bring many memories for our wedding, especially for our future visits. This training has been great. And everyone can benefit from it.

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  • OK so I learned in this module that communication is very important in a relationship and that it’s good to use conversation starters to start small talks. Also it’s better to focus on your partners positive qualities than their negative qualities. You should be comfortable enough to talk about any negative qualities that you do see however that you don’t like instead of letting them go unheard and then your spouse isn’t aware of what they’re doing that you don’t like . In the conflict resolution module I learned that confrontation is not about who’s wrong or right it’s all about getting the problem out there and fixing it before it comes a bigger problem to the relationship. In the finances module I learned that it’s best to work as a team to have a set budget and to go over any extra spending that you need to do with your partner so that you both can come to an agreement about it.

    The Nesbittsmarriage preparation course

    CLEVERON & KRISTALFlorida Marriage preparation course
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  • We really enjoyed watching Kevin's videos! It was clear that he put real effort and care into the content as well as the delivery of the videos. We appreciated his smile, as well as his quoting of the Bible (Darya and I aren't super religious, and we are thankful that Kevin did not preach too much...but we really enjoyed the Bible verses, and felt like it communicated in a very poetic, sacred way) We also enjoyed going over the "Homework Dates". We especially enjoyed role-playing Carol and Bob 🙂 Thanks Kevin for helping us take the first step together in our marriage!

    Darya Gahramanova and Jeffrey Golabekonline Florida marriage preparation course
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  • We were both not looking forward to doing this course because it made us think of homework at first haha, but when we dove in it was actually really fun and insightful. Tanya's favorite part was the love language quiz. She even did it on our children as there is a section specifically for them. David liked the part of imagining we became rich over night from an uncle and the bit on discussing vacations. This course is a good way to get to know your beloved all over again. While we only did the required 4 hours I imagine we may come back and visit some of the topics just for fun.

    Tanya Solt and David Faginmarriage preparation course
  • The course was very in depth and I believe it has and will continue to have a positive impact on our relationship. I really appreciated how there were so many options to choose from.

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  • Lee and I are ecstatic to be able to pledge our lives and our love to each other for the rest of our lives. We have both endured challenging military careers (almost 30 years combined), and hiccups along the way with relationships. But once we met each other, we KNEW that we had been pre-destined to meet. EVERYTHING that we have suffered through has prepared us for THIS EXACT MOMENT. We are stronger in each other's presence....almost like we found the missing pieces of our life puzzles. With our ages (he is 53 and I am 47) we are not young and impulsive any longer. We are confident that God placed us where HE wanted us to be, battle tested and faith still strong, We are READY. And this course was simply the icing on the cake and further confirmation.

    S. Lee Taylor and Sherri T. Vealmarriage preparation course
  • A Beautiful Ceremony was great! Opened our eyes and made is aware of different views.

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  • All the information was extremely helpful and 5 ways that we communicate and express love to one another. They are: 1. Physical touch 2. Words of affirmation 3. Quality time 4. Acts of Service 5. Receiving gifts. This information is so true the 5 common problem with relationships is not having 5 ways to communicate.

    Kay & JayFlorida premarital course
  • We learned from this course that we have a great deal of love and admiration for each other. We learned that we need to continue to communicate and respect each other if we want to make this a successful marriage, for many more years to come.

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    Katelyn Cook and Charles Mark Turk Heteymarriage preparation course
  • This course allowed my fiancé and I to take a deeper look into what a beautiful ceremony will look like. It takes understanding, continued commitment, and your expectations for your union to flourish. Thank you Rev Knox!

    Antanyia Edwards, Anthony Hendersonmarriage preparation course
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  • This course helped us explore our relationship more deeply as we take the dive into our marriage and the rest of our lives together. It was truly the best preparation we could have taken!

    Sean and Dannymarriage preparation course
  • WE really enjoyed this we did it every night before bed, it was our schedule mini date night..we did a lot of laughing and crying but i definitely feel like we have a closer bond.

    Jose & Sabrinaonline Florida marriage preparation course
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  • We are not really looking to do a pre martial course, but as we were looking at the requirements for the marriage license realized how much easier it is when you have a premarital certificate. I believe the best part of this process was actually taking time out of our daily routine to work on our relationship and get to know each other in a more profound way. One of the activities that we enjoyed most was choosing among different questions to ask each other, each varying in depths of communication. So thankful for the experience and will defiantly recommend this program.

    Nicole Selman and Daniel VelasquezFlorida premarital course
  • We really enjoyed the premarital course that was offered to us. Some of the content was very thought provoking and really got us talking and communicating about important issues

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    Chuck and MalouAn informative and very useful course
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  • The requisite program has merit inasmuch as it offers a wonderful opportunity for the couple to pause and view their relationship unemcumbered by external influences and to have an open, one-on-one dialogue with one another about where they are today and with a look toward their journey together from this day forward.

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    Dave and Ronnda#LivingOurBestLife #ToGodBeTheGlory
  • This premarital course is affordable and convenient. The short test helped us learn more about each other and better ways to communicate and to connect with each other for many years to come. We would recommend this to anyone who doesn't have the time to make it to a office during business hours or really just wants some quality one on one with their partner. We will be forever grateful for this time spent bonding during this course.

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  • This course was a delight and inspiring. It really put things into a different perspective on how to conquer trials and tribulations that have and will arise in our marriage. We actually wrote down some quotes and put them up on the fridge, so that when things get tough we can always see them there and reflect back on the things that stood out to us the most.

    Vaness and TomFlorida Marriage preparation course
  • Easy fun class for you and the spouse. Good activities presented within the class.

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  • A Beautiful Ceremony was an easy, quick, efficient premarital course for us to use. With out hectic schedules we appreciate the ease of use!

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    Eulanda Thomas and Cleveland Morganonline Florida marriage preparation course
  • Really enjoyed the conversations that were sparked. It would have been useful to get an estimate of how long the course takes instead of just saying we have a minimum of 4 hours. We talked about everything and it ended up taking closer to 10 hours.

    Jennifer Christianson and Zachary HayesFlorida premarital course
  • I learned so much through this course about myself and my partner, but most importantly about us as a couple. I really enjoyed spending this time with my fiancé discussing topics we have never opened up without this course.

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  • Im greatful for this class and the opportunity to learn a bit more about stcey and affirm our common goals and interests

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    Brandon and Stacey BarkerFree Florida premarital course
  • During this course, Josh and I were able to understand each other better; from understanding each other's love language to knowing God should be in the center of our relationship. We also learned that marriage is about working together by creating a plan and communicating. We definitely recommend this premarital course, even to those that feel like they are perfect for each other.

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  • This really help us understand each other better and it help us communicate better. We got a lot of joy out of taking this course I am so glad we did.

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  • The Premarital Course was easy to follow and understand. The process provided great insight regarding how to best work towards a long lasting and successful marriage. We enjoyed the course and all of the dialog that it generated.

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  • Fast, speedy, and transparent process! Will definitely recommend.

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    It gave us a new way to approach our disagreements.

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    It made us realize that we need to work on expressing ourselves and also the need to keep open lines of communication.

    We have talked about keeping the course close by and revisiting it in the next few months as newlyweds. We especially enjoyed the choice of activities and also Section 2 which made us sit and think about serious issues that we will confront together as a married couple

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    This course has helped us open up to each other and communicate better.

    Eduardo L Pacheco & Katherine Perez

Our Premarital Course Is Approved in All 67 Counties in the State of Florida

​To waive the 3-day waiting period and receive your $25.00 marriage license discount it is necessary that you take your premarital counseling from a registered premarital provider. Not all premarital course providers are accepted in every county but don’t worry we are approved within every county.


“This course definitely helped us, especially Nathan, with our communication skills. We actually had fun taking this course this weekend! We especially enjoyed the videos!”

“The Marriage Preparation Course help the two of us realize our weaknesses with each other. It gave us a new outlook on how to keep our marriage strong, loving and to respect each other’s feelings. Taking this course made us realize our past mistakes and what we need to do to make this marriage a lasting and loving one.”

“It was so much fun for us. Even though we have been married before, and are older with grandchildren, it makes you realize this is why I want to be with this person.”

“We now feel like there is nothing stopping us from just being open about everything. Our biggest achievement during this course was learning that no matter what comes our way, we would be prepared and really know how to handle those tough situations that may occur! We also now know what the other person expects and what makes the other know they are loved!”

“Every night, we made sure to let people know that we were working on our marriage preparation course, so there were no distractions. This truly allowed us to stop everything and focus on the real issue, which is NOT the house, NOT the reception, NOT the gifts for everyone else, rather, the big picture… our marriage.”

Questions about the Florida Online Premarital Course:

​How long will it take for me to get my Certificate of Completion?

​You will receive your Certificate of Completion instantly after submitting your verification form. No need to wait – 24 hours a day delivery. Print out the certificate and then take it with you to the courthouse to waive the 3-day waiting period.

​How long does the Florida premarital course take?

​You will receive your Certificate of Completion instantly after submitting your verification form. No need to wait – 24 hours a day delivery. Print out the certificate and then take it with you to the courthouse to waive the 3-day waiting period.

​Do we both have to pay for the premarital preparation course?

​No, the payment covers the both of you. Also, if you are Florida residents you will receive a $25.00 discount off the cost of the marriage license.

​How long will the Certificate of Completion be valid?

​It is good for one year from the date it is issued.

​Is your online premarital course accepted in Florida?

​Yes, we are recognized as registered premarital course providers in all 67 counties in the state of Florida. On this same web page, you can check the PDF copies of our “course provider” forms to verify that we are registered with your county.

​How do we pay for the online premarital course?

​We presently use PayPal to process all payments. PayPal also accepts credit cards so it is not necessary for you to have a PayPal account to use the system.

​Can I take the pre-marital course over a time span of days, weeks or months?

​Yes, once you receive the marriage preparation course you should save it to your computer. This way, you can refer to it repeatedly as your time schedule allows.

​How does my partner and I take the premarital preparation course if we are in a long-distance relationship?

​After making payment for the pre-marital course you should save it to computer. Then, you can send it to your partner. Any discussion that’s required for the marriage preparation course can be done via Skype or phone.

Who isRev. Kevin ?

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​My passion for marriage preparation grew from the aftermath of my divorce in 2001. It was then I made a vow that I was going to find out what made marriages work and what made them fail. After 14 years of researching pre-marital preparation professionals, marriage experts and relationship gurus I ended up with a proven collection the best practices and principles. What I learned not only made a huge difference with my 2nd marriage but it has also helped thousands of other couples. This online version of the Florida premarital course is an effort make the empowering content more convenient and assessable. It’s my hope and prayer this pre-marital course would transform you and your marriage.Rev. Kevin is a member of the National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education and an alumnus of Smartmarriages conferences.

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​Our Premarital Course Is Approved in All 67 Counties in the State of Florida

​To waive the 3-day waiting period and receive your $25.00 marriage license discount it is necessary that you take your premarital counseling from a registered premarital provider. Not all premarital course providers are accepted in every county but don’t worry we are approved within every county.

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