Marriage License Options for UK Couples

  1. The first option is to get your marriage license by mail while in the UK. The issue with this process is that the license is that it will have to be notarized when you receive it. In the UK the cost of a notary is considerably more expensive than it is here in the United States. Last I heard the cost was around 200 American dollars. If you wish to get your license by mail then we would of course recommend the Brevard County Courthouse (Brevard County Website ) as they did not have any additional middleman fees. There is another video explaining the license by mail process and navigating the Brevard County Courthouse website. The total cost of this process would be the cost of the notary, the marriage license cost and postage (around $290). Marriage license info video.
  2. The second option is to get the marriage license when you arrive. There are couple ways to do this. You can use a marriage license concierge program. You just fill out a form online providing all of the standard information. It will then be transferred into an actual marriage license form. The license concierge service will meet you at a convenient location such as your hotel, they will have you sign the marriage license and notarize it for you. Then, they personally transport the license back to the courthouse to get it validated. Finally, they can deliver it back to you, maybe a wedding coordinator or even to me. This can be done for a total cost of about $249. This whole process can take 2-3 business days. Our favorite marriage license concierge person is Kathleen Reynolds with License to Wed. (
  3. The third option to get your marriage license is for the both of you to personally travel to the closest courthouse and get your own license. The cost of the license will only be about $86 plus tax. Travel time from your location to the nearest courthouse and back may take about two hours.

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