Florida Premarital Education Course Provider in all 67 counties.

FREE “Name Change Kit” (a $29.95 value) with Completion of Premarital Course

Online Premarital Course – instant access!

(Waive 3 day waiting period)

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Here are the 4 easy steps to take:
  1. Pay for the course. The courthouse will discount the your marriage license by the same amount so essentially there’s no out-of-pocket expense
  2. Spend at least 4 hours on the course .
  3. Submit your verification form (See Verification page). No Test Required! We will email your ‘Certificate of Completion’ the same day.
  4. Take the ‘Certificate of Completion’ to the courthouse to get your marriage license. The clerk will give you a $32.50 discount on your marriage license and waive the 3 day waiting period.


“We have nothing but good things to say about this course! I feel we were able to be completely honest with each other, something that would not have happened in a counselor’s office.”

“It gave us an opportunity to evaluate ourselves as a couple – not as individuals – and helped us focus on what it will take for us to continue to have a successful friendship and partnership, as well as cultivate a successful marriage.”

“Thanks so much for your service. We were given a list of premarital course providers for our county but your online course proved to be the most professional and easiest to work with. And thanks for getting the certificate of completion back to us so soon! Thanks. Kevin P. & Alexandra C.”

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